Clinical & Translational Research

PRAVEEN ARANY, DDS, PhD personal profile

Clinical Translational Research with Biophotonics

Dr. Arany’s clinical translational research interests are focused on the therapeutic use of low dose biophotonics devices, termed low level light/laser therapy or Photobiomodulation Therapy. His prior work demonstrated a molecular therapeutic pathway activation of a latent growth factor, TGF-β1 that directed differentiation of dental and mesenchymal stem cells to form a lineage-restricted mineralized tissue, dentin. Further, his lab recently outlined key clinical and molecular biomarkers for safe and effective delivery of photobiomodulation therapy. His group is in the process of beginning clinical trials in human subjects to apply these observations to develop human therapy.  

Another area of Dr. Arany's research is available at Bone and Connective Tissues/Tissue Engineering