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Find a Faculty Member

To find dental school faculty with expertise in your areas of interest, please review our comprehensive list of faculty expertise, which includes contact information for faculty members.

View Our Research Centers

At UB, we offer a number of research centers and facilities with specialized faculty, staff and equipment.

Expedited Services

Arrangements for some short-term analytical services in the School of Dental Medicine can be expedited. Analytical services provided by the South Campus Instrument Center are a good example of the expedited process.

Request a Proposal

After you contact a faculty member who is interested in working on your project, they can prepare a technical and cost proposal for your consideration. You are encouraged to provide the researcher with enough information so that the proposal is responsive to your request.

Costs for Research

The cost to have a project performed by dental school faculty (or in one of the school’s research centers) is based on several factors, including:

  • Timeframe of the desired project
  • Level of expertise required to complete the project
  • Deliverables required by the project sponsor

The university must charge the sponsor for the costs of personnel working directly on the project (faculty, staff, students; labor and fringe benefits), as well as the costs for necessary supplies, new small equipment needed specifically for the project, and usage of any major equipment/facilities used on the project. The university’s indirect costs also must be paid to assist with general university expenses (e.g., utilities, libraries, computing infrastructure).

The Approval Process

The final version of the technical proposal and the proposed budget are then reviewed and approved by the researcher’s department chair, the Associate Dean for Research in the School of Dental Medicine, and the university’s office of Sponsored Projects Services before it is sent to you for your formal consideration.

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