Are your Intruments Sterile?


Sterilizer Monitoring Service

The mail-in service is a convenient way for your office staff to comply with recommended verification.  Our service includes:

  • Weekly mail-in test kit with 1 control spore strip, 1 test strip (expiration dated) and  report form
  • Certificate of participation and  annual summary

After running a sterilization cycle, mail the laboratory report and spore strips and leave the rest to us.  A completed report will be sent back to you.  If a failure in sterilization occurs we will immediately contact you by telephone or e-mail.

Confirming Sterilization Effectiveness

HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, and other transmissible diseases raise concerns about the sterility of medical and dental instruments.  To guard against sterilization failure, the CDC and ADA recommend all sterilizers be biologically monitored at least once a week.


For more information contact:

Lynn Mikulski

(716) 829-3787