ORS provides comprehensive assistance across the entire grant life cycle (pre- and post-award). ORS also serves as a resource for UB SDM regarding sponsor guidelines and applicable federal, state, and local regulations.

On this page:

Pre-Award Services

  • Assistance with locating funding opportunities (SPIN Database)
  • Notification of funding opportunities and upcoming deadlines
  • Proposal development and submission:
    • Notify Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) of intent to submit
    • Create submission checklist and timeline
    • Draft document templates
    • Develop budget and request subaward documents in conjunction with SPS
    • Draft and request letters of institutional support
    • Provide thorough review and editing of proposal documents (as time allows)
    • Review of application package for errors, completeness, and compliance
    • Initiate CLICK form and follow for approvals
    • Compile final application in the electronic submission system
    • Notify SPS for proposal review and submission

ORS abides by UB’s Proposal Submission Guidelines for Faculty, Researchers and Investigators:

All FINAL administrative and supporting documents (i.e., abstract, budget, budget justification, subcontractor documents, biosketches, facilities, equipment, etc.) except the final technical narrative need to be submitted to SPS five (5) working days prior to the sponsor deadline. If you are working with ORS to prepare your proposal, it is the Principal Investigator’s (PI’s) responsibility to provide all pertinent information and documents in advance of the 5 business days’ mark to ensure that your documents are reviewed and changes can be made prior to the 5 business-day window.

The complete application package, including the final technical narrative and all supporting documents in final form, in addition to the completed Internal Approval Routing must be submitted to SPS for submission two (2) working days prior to the sponsor deadline.

Post-Award Services

  • Assistance with annual progress reporting (e.g., RPPR)
  • Perform monthly grant reconciliation and provide summary of grant expenditures
  • Budget revision/reallocation requests
  • May assist with procurement
  • Facilitate questions to SPS or other university offices