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Not a Dental Student?

You can still participate in research at the School of Dental Medicine. Start by identifying potential research mentors through the Find a Faculty Mentor page of this website.

  • Student Research Opportunities
    The student research program provides an opportunity for dental students to become involved in research during the academic year as well as in the summer intersession period.
  • Find a Faculty Mentor
    Many faculty members participate in the Student Research Program. Their research interests include all areas of the basic sciences and dental clinical sciences. Students are encouraged to contact these faculty members to pursue specific projects.
  • Summer Dental Research Program
    DDS students can take advantage of the summer intersession period to conduct a research project with SDM faculty.
  • Honors Thesis
    When you have completed your research and are ready to write your thesis, we encourage you to follow these guidelines.
  • Research Concentration
    Students are introduced to elements of research and exposed to faculty role models. They are encouraged to foster scholarly abilities through organized, structured and supportative program.
  • Dental Student Research Group
    The Dental Student Research Group is a student-run organization dedicated to promoting research in dental school. The club presents current and prospective students with research opportunities and provides guidance on how to get involved. 
  • Student Research Day
    Each year, students presenting their research at this event benefit from interaction with a panel of faculty judges. This experience of talking with the judges and receiving advice is designed to help students advance their careers in research.