New patients are always welcome at UB Dental. Here, you can receive excellent care for an affordable cost. We accept all patients based upon their dental needs and our ability to treat those needs.

Step 1. Know What to Expect at UB Dental

Going to UB Dental is a different experience than going to a private dentist. Here’s what you should expect:

  • It will likely take more time to get an appointment
  • Appointments last longer (up to three hours) because you have students and faculty involved in your care — think of it as “no-rush dental care”
  • You need to be available year-round
  • You cannot be late or miss appointments; we realize that you may have unexpected issues, but if you miss appointments or are late twice, you may be discharged as a patient
  • You need to have a phone and be responsive; we expect that you will respond to your student or patient manager within 48 business hours
  • You will be expected to follow the recommended treatment plan

If you aren’t able to commit to these guidelines, then UB Dental may not be right for you. Our students depend on our patients to graduate. In exchange for following these guidelines, you receive high-quality care at a more affordable cost, and help support the mission of the School of Dental Medicine.

We encourage you to read our Patient Information Booklet to learn more.

Step 2. Download or Request a New Patient Information Packet and Return the Completed Forms

Every new patient (except for orthodontics patients) needs to receive a new patient application packet, complete the forms in the packet and then return the forms to us. You can download the new patient application packet, or contact us and we will mail it to you.

View and Download the New Patient Application Packet

Contact Us to Request the New Patient Application Packet

  • For a screening visit at Squire Hall on UB’s South Campus: Call (716) 262-9750
Orthodontics Patients

You do not need to request and complete the new patient form. To make your screening appointment, please just call the orthodontics office at (716) 829-2845.

Step 3. Schedule a New Patient Screening Visit

Your new patient screening visit can take place at Squire Hall on UB’s South Campus.  If you are accepted as a patient, most of your care will likely take place at Squire Hall.

For visits at Squire Hall, once your completed application is received, a registration attendant will contact you to schedule an appointment.

What to Expect at Your Screening Visit

At your new patient screening visit:

  • The medical and dental history forms you completed are reviewed
  • A preliminary oral exam and pain assessment is performed
  • A panorex X-ray may be taken

This appointment will be used to determine your dental needs and answer any questions you may have about future treatment.

All patients are eligible for screening, and nearly every patient is accepted for treatment. However some prospective patients might not be the right fit and will be provided alternative treatment options. The factors that influence your acceptance into our educational program include (but are not limited to) the current condition of your oral health and your availability.

Screening Visit Fee

A non-refundable fee of $75 has been set to cover the cost of establishing a patient record, processing the information, conducting the initial evaluation and obtaining a panoramic radiograph (X-ray), if needed. (If current X-rays of good quality have been received prior to your new patient screening appointment, you may not require the panoramic X-ray. Please make check or money order payable to “UB School of Dental Medicine.” Individuals with Medicaid insurance are NOT required to pay the fee; however, you must provide us with enough information to determine your Medicaid eligibility. Fees are subject to change at any time.

Please note that screening visits are free for orthodontics patients.

Step 4. Review And Agree To Your Treatment Plan

At your first appointment with your assigned student dentist, further diagnostic information is obtained and your treatment plan is developed. The treatment plan gives you:

  • Detailed information regarding the dental procedures to be performed
  • The estimated cost of treatment
  • The time involved for treatment

Gathering this information takes between one and two appointments. Treatment will not begin until approximately the third appointment. Treatment only begins after you, your student/resident and faculty member agree on the right treatment plan for you (including the cost).

Make Sure You Understand Your Treatment Plan

Your student dentist and faculty member are happy to answer any of your questions. It is important that you understand the proposed treatment that is planned for you before treatment begins. If you have any concerns regarding your treatment plan — or any changes in your health — please discuss them with your student dentist and their supervising faculty member. They will advise you of any other treatment options and what to expect if treatment is changed or discontinued.

Orthodontic Patients

After you are accepted as a patient, you will set up a series of appointments to have records taken (X-rays, photos and molds of your teeth), to go over your treatment plan, and finally to have the appliances placed. Once treatment has begun you will be seen in our clinic every 4-6 weeks for regular adjustment visits (approximately one hour) until treatment is completed. Once treatment is complete you will be provided with a set of retainers.