Honors Thesis

When you have completed your research and are ready to write your thesis, we encourage you to follow these guidelines.

We strongly urge that you maintain close contact with your research mentor and thesis committee as you write your thesis. These individuals are the best source of information and guidance, since they are ultimately responsible for the evaluation of your work.

Title Page

Use your full legal name. The title for your work should be a meaningful description of your manuscript. If you are copyrighting your dissertation, the date on your title page should be the date of defense. If you have decided to copyright your manuscript, the copyright page follows the title page. In the center of the page, just above the bottom margin, type the following:

Copyright by
(your name in full)
(the current year)

Type the Roman numeral two (ii) centered at the bottom of the page.

Dedication and/or Acknowledgement Pages

These pages are optional. If included, they must be numbered with Roman numerals, and double-spaced.

Table of Contents

A table of contents is required and may follow any format acceptable to your advisor and committee. Be sure to include all main divisions and subdivisions within your text, and to double space. These pages are to be numbered with Roman numerals.

Lists: Tables, Figures, Illustrations, Charts, Graphs

Follow the format used for your table of contents. Use a separate page for each type of list. Number with the appropriate Roman numeral. Make sure to double space.


An abstract of your thesis is required. It is to be a succinct narrative description of your work, double spaced. It should be numbered with the appropriate Roman numeral.


The introduction should review the literature that formed the basis for your work. It should also include a statement of the problem, hypotheses and specific aims. The text must be double-spaced and each page must be numbered beginning with the number 1. The text must be printed on only one side of each page. Cite references by author and date.

Materials and Methods

Describe the methodologies you used to perform your work.


Describe the results of your study.


Interpret the results of your studies. Relate your results to previous published Work.


Place references in alphabetical order at the end of the thesis. These may be single spaced. These pages should be numbered, and double-spaced.

Tables, Figures, etc.

Tables, figures, etc. should be placed in order after the reference section.


A brief vita is optional and may be included only in doctoral dissertations. These pages should also be numbered.

Thesis and Dissertation Committees

For graduate students from outside the dental school, members of our faculty can serve on your thesis or dissertation committee if their expertise is highly relevant to your research and your home department allows committee members from outside the department and school.

If you have any questions, be sure to ask them before you submit your thesis.


Dental Student Honors 2021

Saiema Jabeen Alam

“Associations between painful-temporomandibular disorders and systemic medical conditions”

Primary Advisor:  Yoly M. Gonzalez-Stucker, DDS, MPH

Suzanne Raad McShane

“Peri-implant gingival tissue l*a*b difference in titanium, gold and zirconia implant abutments under daylight and fluorescent light”

Primary Advisor: Sebastiano Andreana, DDS, MSc

 Melissa Lee Stoj

“Effect of implant geometry and thread pitch on primary stability in Type II and IV bone”

Primary Advisor: Sebastiano Andreana, DDS, MSc

Emily K. Waldman

“Dental topographic analysis in carnivoran mammals”

Primary Advisor:  Jack Tseng, PhD 

Anisha Singh

“Specific drill length vs. actual depth of drilling during osteotomy preparation”

Primary Advisor: Sebastiano Andreana, DDS, MSc