University-Designated Centers

  • Clinical and Translational Science Institute
    The University at Buffalo Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) was created to accelerate the delivery of basic scientific discoveries from the laboratory to clinical trials, and from clinical trials into general practice.
  • Microbiome Center
    We work with faculty, researchers, students and experts worldwide to understand the impact of microbiomes, those communities of microorganisms that live on or in people, plants, soil, oceans, lakes, rocks and the atmosphere.
  • Optical Imaging and Analysis Facility
    This facility provides training and use on a variety of optical equipment for both the University and external users including microscopes, flow cytometers, gel imagers, and qPCR systems. The equipment is available for all to use, and I am happy to consult any users on optimizing the equipment for their experiments, as well as analyzing generated data.
  • Material Analysis Core
    This center is set up to provide a rapid response to the analytical needs of academia and industry, offering a full-service facility with emphasis on surface imaging and spectroscopy.
  • Materials Testing Facility
    The Materials Testing Facility is a full-service facility specializing in mechanical material testing for failure analysis and accelerated wear/aging, micro hardness testing, and color analysis.  Our equipment and expertise renders us particularly advantageous for dental research, but we are able to easily generalize our capabilities for other disciplines.

School of Dental Medicine Centers

  • Center for Orofacial Pain Research
    This group focuses on research questions that revolve around pain, function, diagnosis and classification. The research activities take place within three laboratories for primary data collection: neurosensory, biomechanics and psychophysiology.
  • The Center for Translational and Clinical Biophotonics
    Areas of interest in this center include soft tissue laser surgery, hard tissue (dental) interactions, endodontic interactions and therapy, and laser implications in cancer promotion, detection and photodynamic therapy treatments.
  • SDM Clinical Research Facility
    Having identified diabetes, smoking, the presence of periodontal pathogens, stress, distress, and coping measures as potential risk factors for periodontal disease, this center’s current activities include longitudinal studies to firmly establish risk factors, and intervention studies directed at modulating risk factors within populations at risk for periodontal disease.