Optical Imaging and Analysis Facility

This facility provides training and use on a variety of optical equipment for both the University and external users including microscopes, flow cytometers, gel imagers, and qPCR systems. The equipment is available for all to use, and I am happy to consult any users on optimizing the equipment for their experiments, as well as analyzing generated data.

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Instrumentation rates for university investigators are listed below. Users outside the university are charged double the rates of university users.  Payments can be made through Interdepartmental invoice, check, or revenue transfer.

Instrument Rate


Microscopes (after 8+ hr consecutive reservation) $20/hr
BD LSR Fortessa $40/hr
BD FACSAria Cell Sorter $60/hr
ScanCo MicroCT $30/hr
BioRad CFX96 Connect and Touch $30/run
BioTek Plate Reader $30/hr
PerkinElmer IVIS Lumina LT $20/hr
BioRad ChemiDoc $10/hr


To demonstrate the importance of this facility to research at UB and aid in the procurement of future equipment, we ask users to please acknowledge the Optical Imaging and Analysis Facility in your publications, and to inform the facility director at the time of publication. 

Stay informed

To receive occasional updates about the facility, including any new instrumentation or changes to existing instrumentation, please join the facility listserv, oiaf-list@listserv.buffalo.edu. For instructions on how to join, please click the link below.

Principle Equipment

The facility currently houses four optical microscopes: an Andor Dragonfly spinning disk confocal microscope, an inverted Zeiss AxioObserver fluorescent microscope, and an upright Zeiss AxioImager fluorescent microscope. We also have a BD Fortessa cell analyzer, a BD FACSAria cell sorter, a ScanCo µ100 microCT, and a PerkinElmer IVIS Lumina LT. 

Additional Equipment

The facility currently has:

  • Two gel/blot imagers (Bio-Rad ChemiDoc and GelDoc)
  • Two qPCR systems (Bio-Rad CFX96 touch and connect)
  • A microplate reader (BioTek Synergy HT)
  • A NanoDrop One Spectrophotometer
  • A Bio-Rad Experion Automated Electrophoresis System


While the facility does not presently have dedicated analysis computers available to users, there are many freely available data analysis applications that we are happy to help users with as much as we are able.