Periodontics and Endodontics

viewing a radiograph.

The UB Department of Periodontics and Endodontics has played a pivotal role in training world-class clinicians, researchers and academicians who have now become leaders in dental education and research.

A few of our luminary graduates include Dr. Lawrence A Tabak, the principal deputy director of the NIH, and Dr. Joseph Zambon, former dean of the University at Buffalo's School of Dental Medicine. Our nationally and internationally recognized faculty have extensive clinical, teaching and research experience and provide exceptional training opportunities for students, scholars and researchers.

Our Mission

The comprehensive mission of our department is to:

  • Prepare predoctoral and post-doctoral dental students in the art and science of periodontology, implantology and endodontics to meet and exceed the standards necessary for accreditation by the American Dental Association
  • Educate dentists to become dental specialists in the field of periodontology and endodontics for academic, research and clinical careers
  • Advance knowledge in periodontology, implantology and endodontics through research and community service
  • Educate and facilitate the continuing education of dental professionals in practice

The department is divided into two divisions, as follows:

  • Periodontics
    Periodontics is the specialty of dentistry that encompasses the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the periodontal tissues, supporting and surrounding the teeth or their substitutes. This specialty also deals with surgical aspects of dental implant supported prosthetic restorations.
  • Endodontics
    Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that is concerned with the morphology, physiology and pathology of the human dental pulp and periradicular tissues.