Bone and Connective Tissues/Tissue Engineering

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Bone cell metabolism and bone resorption and formation

This laboratory is engaged in the study of bone cell metabolism with specific emphasis on signal transduction mechanisms in osteoblastic cells after activation with various local and systemic factors including mechanical perturbations. The mechanisms of action of epidermal growth factor as well as mechanical forces are currently under study with receptor and post-receptor events being analyzed. The parameters investigated include cytosolic calcium measurements with fluorescent dyes, phospholipid metabolism with high performance liquid chromatography, MAPkinase activity and protooncogene expression by molecular biological techniques. 

Studies on the role of voltage-activated calcium channels in the regulation of osteoblastic cell proliferation are also ongoing as are studies on the possible role of protein kinase C isoforms in the cell differentiation process. These studies should lead to an understanding of the mechanisms involved in bone resorption and formation and should aid in our understanding of the nature of bone loss in oral as well as systemic conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis.