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In addition to classroom learning, you’ll have valuable opportunities to work closely with patients and practice your skills in the lab. Learn all about our state of the art facilities below.

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At UB, you’ll learn and practice in spacious clinics that will soon be the most up-to-date facilities of their kind in the United States.


Upcoming Renovations

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The image above highlights the upcoming renovations in Squire Hall. The renovation will focus on Patient Clinics and The Welcome Center aiming to improve the standards of dental care and teaching.

Teaching Clinics (First and Second Floors)

Two clinics constitute the primary teaching areas for the DDS program: the ninety-six-chair Richard A. Powell Comprehensive Oral Health Clinic, on the first floor; and the 100-chair second-floor clinic. The third- and fourth-year classes are divided into four practice groups of approximately equal size and are split between the two clinics. Each clinic is supported with a plaster room, dispensary window, instrument room, and X-ray rooms.

Specialty Training Clinic (Third Floor)

The eighty-seven-chair third-floor clinic serves a variety of functions. It is the primary clinical area for many of the school’s specialty training programs. The Harold R. Ortman Graduate Prosthodontics Clinic houses specialty training in prosthodontics, and nearby is the clinical area for specialty training in periodontics. Support facilities include a laboratory, two X-ray rooms with nearby processing facilities, a plaster room, instrument and dispensing rooms, and a demonstration room. The third-floor clinic also houses the school’s postgraduate program in general dentistry. This one-year program provides DDS graduates with additional clinical training at a more advanced level of patient care.

Part of the third-floor clinic has recently been renovated to become the Esthetic Dentistry Education Center. This facility provides a center for training of third- and fourth-year dental students in the use of the latest materials and techniques related to aesthetic dentistry. The Esthetic Dentistry Education Center also conducts continuing education programs for practicing dentists.

Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology Clinic

The Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology Clinic contains a wide variety of oral radiographic equipment and is designed to provide students with training in the latest imaging techniques. Second-, third-, and fourth-year students learn to make, evaluate, and interpret radiographs. Located on the first floor of Squire Hall, the clinic contains eight conventional X-ray rooms, two panoramic X-ray rooms, one cephalometric room, and a dedicated room for programmed panoramic zonography. Support includes a darkroom with conventional and automatic processing facilities, a viewing room, a consultation room, and a conference room.

Pediatric Dentist Clinic

"pediatric dentist".

The twenty-chair Pediatric Dentistry Clinic, located on the first floor of Squire Hall, is separated from the main teaching clinics to provide a controlled environment conducive to the treatment of the young patient. Third- and fourth-year students gain clinical experience in children’s dentistry by providing routine care to children between the ages of three and thirteen years. Students are assigned on a rotating basis to provide care to clinic patients.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic

Second-, third-, and fourth-year students gain experience in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic located on the first floor of Squire Hall. Second-year students receive training in the basics of local anesthesia techniques and observe third- and fourth-year students as they perform routine oral and maxillofacial surgical procedures.

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