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* students at a Bills tailgate.

At the UB School of Dental Medicine, the experiences you have outside the classroom and clinic play a significant role in your experience. The activities you are involved with, the colleagues you interact with, and the decisions you make, help shape your dental school life.

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Student Organizations

UB Dental provides a wide range of opportunities for students to get involved. Student Organizations have an important impact in providing efficient learning environments for students. Student organizations can serve as an intermediate for academics, leadership involvement, and building friendships with peers.

Student Clubs Directory

Student Club President / Chair Email
ASDA Buffalo John Lepore

Simone DeBellis

Tyler Lyons
AAPHD Kierra Bleyle
AAWD Valerie Shlimov
ADEA Brooke Thornhill
ADSO Michelle Chen
AGD Shriya Rao
Alpha Omega Raveena Munnangi
BOCA Seth Tursin
Chess Club

Karin Prins

Tobiras Whitfield


Levi Upham

Daniel Clark

Matthew Deng

Dental Research Group Winifred Mei
Delta Sigma Delta Emma Chubb
Esthetics Club Oneida Shushe
GSSA Shivam Jauhar
HDA Stephanie Loo
Intercultural Awareness Harsimran Singh
OMFS Interest Group Shivam Jauhar
Orthodontic Interest Group Ryan Prevost
Pediatric Club Taylor Wright
Periodontics Club Nicholas Nemeth
Pre-Dental Committee
Marta Telepko
Prosthodontics Society

Sandy Ding

Kevin Lin
SNDA Vanessa Mareno
SDM Art Club Iesha DeLesline
Social Media & Branding Tina Fadel
Smile Pride

Nicholas Servadio
Sustainability Committee

Brianna Yusiewicz

Madelyn Ritter

UB myFace Jenna Heitzler
UBSDM Sports Club Zach Andrews
UB asda logo.

ASDA Buffalo serves as the umbrella for student organizations, welcoming all members to participate and get involved at our school and discover where they can exercise their talents. All dental students are auto-enrolled in ASDA.

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AADMD club photo.

The American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry, hereinafter referred to as the AADMD, was founded in 2002 with the stated mission of improving the quality of healthcare for individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders and intellectual disabilities.


* picture of grey box.

The AAPHD chapter aims to improve oral health by developing and supporting effective programs of oral health promotion and disease prevention.


AAWD club photo.

The American Association of Women Dentists at UB strives to be the recognized resource for connecting and enriching the lives of women dentists. Our local Buffalo chapter is recognized under the national AAWD organization. 

Visit the AAWD Website


* grey box.

ADEA is The Voice of Dental Education. Our mission is to lead institutions and individuals in the dental education community to address contemporary issues influencing education, research and the delivery of oral health care for the overall health and safety of the public.


* grey box.

The Asian Dental Student Organization works to establish and promote the educational, community aspirations, and goals of East and South Asian dental students at UB. 


* grey box.

The Academy of General Dentistry aims to help educate and guide dental students at UBSDM that are interested in pursuing General Dentistry.

Alpha Omega

alpha omega club photo.

Alpha Omega is an International Dental Fraternity, which is devoted to providing a sense of camaraderie and support through out your years as a dental student.

Visit the Alpha Omega Website


Students at a BOCA event.

UB Dental BOCA is a student-led organization dedicated to promoting dental education, providing free dental care and improving the quality of life for people around the world. Our members include dental school students, faculty and staff

Chess Club

* grey box.

The UB Dental Chess Club is an educational organization that promotes mental health and a leisure activity by engaging in the world's most famous board game! Welcome to players of all levels from beginner to advanced.


* grey box.

The UB Chapter of the Christian Medical & Dental Associations seeks to encourage, equip and connect health care students and professionals interested in improving patient care through the integration of faith and health.

Dental Research Group

Dental Research Group Photo.

The Dental Student Research Group (DSRG) is an association of dental students with an objective to facilitate, support and promote research-related activities in dental school.

delta sigma delta photo.

Delta Sigma Delta is an international dental fraternity committed to excellence in dentistry, camaraderie of members, and a strong presence in the local community.

Esthetics Club

* south campus exterior.

The Esthetics Club works to advance the knowledge of students in esthetic and cosmetic dentistry.


* grey box.

The Global Surgery Student Alliance is a national student-run organization dedicated to educating medical and dental students about Global Surgery / Global Dentistry and creating a network of students interested in the field.


HDA Club Photo.

The Hispanic Dental Association is a national, non-profit organization comprised of oral health professionals and students dedicated to promoting and improving the oral health of the Hispanic community and providing advocacy for Hispanic oral health professionals across the US.

UB Dental intercultural awareness logo.

UB Dental for Intercultural Awareness is a group of multi-ethnic students focused on promoting interest in and awareness of various cultures between the School of Dental Medicine and the Buffalo community. 

OMFS Interest Group

* grey box.

The Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Interest Group is a student-run organization with the goal of expanding the scope of knowledge and clinical exposure in oral surgery. 

Orthodontic Interest Group

* grey box.

The Orthodontic Interest Group at UB works to address the current lack of an Orthodontic Minor Program at UBSDM. They also look to introduce the art and discipline of orthodontics to students, as well as engaging the community.

UB PEDO club event.

The mission for UB Pediatric Club is to educate parents and children about the importance of oral health and oral hygiene.  The club participates in a variety of outreach events at WIC centers, Hospital's, Destination Maternity Centers and local Pediatric Dental Offices.

Periodontics Club

* grey box.

The Periodontics Club aims to bring those interested in periodontics together to learn more about the field and gain as much exposure to periodontology as possible!

Pre-Dental Committee

* grey box.

The ASDA Pre-Dental Committee actively recruits new ASDA pre-dental members, plans and implements pre-dental events to expose pre-dental students to dental education, UBSDM, and the application process, and encourages and assists pre-dental students in pursuing careers in dentistry.

Prosthodontic Society

* grey box.

The UB Prosthodontics Club works to cultivate an interest in and develop a passion for prosthodontics by creating an environment that encourages participation and engagement through collective learning.

SNDA group photo.

The Student National Dental Association promotes aid, and support the academic and social environment of minority students. SNDA's goal is to strive to establish opportunities for our members to develop stronger alliances amongst one another as well as develop a sense of community, thus aiding in the advancements of our students within the field of dentistry.

SDM Art Club

SDM Art Club Graphic.

The School of Dental Medicine Art Club shall be to help dental students with their mental health and to also provide art therapy to those in the community, such as those in nursing homes and hospitals.

* south campus exterior.

The School of Dental Medicine Social Media and Branding club aims to raise awareness of the Dental School here at UB. Many members also run their own personal social media accounts related to dentistry and life here at UB.

Smile Pride

Smile Pride Logo.

Smile Pride Educates SDM students, residents, faculty and staff on how to provide competent dental care to the LGBTQ community. The club runs outreach activities to increase dental health equity among the queer community, and fosters an atmosphere of inclusion within SDM and the greater Buffalo community.

Sustainability Committee

ASDA Sustainability Committee Logo.

ASDA sustainability’s mission is to bring together faculty and students to learn about making sustainable differences on our campus and on our planet. As future dental professionals our goal is to create an environmentally aware community of people that strive for a better tomorrow.

UB myFace

* grey box.

UB myFace acts as a branch for myFace, the leading non-profit organization for supporting patients with craniofacial abnormalities. The organization focuses on changing the faces - and lives - of children and adults with facial differences.

UBSDM Sports Club

* Kunz field.

UBSDM Sports Club creates an environment for dental students, residents, and staff to relieve stress and better their overall well-being through physical activity and socializing.

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