Oral Biology PhD/Postdoc Training Goals

The primary mission of the Ph.D. and Postdoctoral Training Program in Oral Biology is to prepare individuals for careers in research and education in academia or in industry - particularly in interdisciplinary oral health related fields - and to provide these individuals with the expertise necessary to become leaders in the field of oral health research. Graduates will have the qualifications and research expertise to become global leaders as scientists in academia or industry.

The goals for our trainees in the Ph.D. and Post-doctoral Program in Oral Biology are:

  1. Gain appropriate depth and breadth of knowledge in oral biology and biomedical sciences
  2. Expose trainees to interdisciplinary scholarship and research
  3. Effectively communicate results of their research to diverse audiences
  4. Fulfill benchmarks of personal and professional scientific development
  5. Apply ethical principles to all aspects of their professional life
  6. Develop skills to become good mentors and communicators

 Measurable outcomes for attaining these goals include:

Goal 1

  • Successfully complete a core curriculum that provides a fundamental understanding of biologic processes in behavioral, biomedical, and clinical aspects of oral health.
  • Successfully complete the Preliminary Examination (PhD trainees)

Goal 2

  • Attend and actively participate in Oral Biology Departmental seminar series as well as other seminars within the Biomedical Campus
  • Participation in local, national, and international scientific meetings and workshops
  • Participation in the Oral Biology Departmental Journal Club

Goal 3

  • Present results of trainees’ research in Oral Biology Departmental seminar series, SDM Research Day, Summer Oral Biology Research Day, as well as local national, and international scientific meetings
  • Publish at least two first author manuscripts in high-impact, peer-reviewed journals
  • Submit a research grant proposal based upon results of the trainees’ work
  • Write and successfully defend a PhD thesis containing at least two first author publications (PhD trainees)

Goal 4

  • Trainee progress will be monitored and assessed every 6 months for benchmarks by their Thesis Committee, which will consist of at least three full-time Oral Biology faculty members and one faculty member outside the Department with complementary research backgrounds
  • Trainees and their mentor will submit a written report biannually that summarizes their progress and accomplishments of the past six months as well as their goals for the next 6 months.

Goal 5

  • Trainees will successfully complete a Research Ethics Course
  • Trainee evaluation committees will assess and report on ethical aspects of professional development

Goal 6

  • Trainees will participate in teaching and tutoring activities within the Department of Oral biology and/or School of Dental Medicine
  • Senior trainees will participate in evaluation and development of junior trainees through hands-on laboratory techniques or in Preliminary Examinations