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Get to know some of our students and check out their social pages to get an inside look at life at UB.

Class Instagram Pages

Each dental class has a student run Instagram account featuring student highlights, upcoming events, milestones, and more! It is a great way for current students to connect with one another, and gives prospective students a glimpse into life here at UB. Check them out below.

Current Students

Abel Tefera

Abel is a second-year dental student and co-historian for the class of 2026. He is a Buffalo native, and his family is from Ethiopia. He has been doing videography and photography for a couple of years and started a business in 2022 called ATProductionswny. Now he take pictures and make videos of his dental journey that can be found on Instagram at @atdentistry and on YouTube under his name. He is excited to be at UBSDM and wants to show pre-dental students what it is like to attend the school through his videos.

* Headshot of Abel Tefera.
Check out Abel's Instagram and YouTube Pages!

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Amr Eldesouky

Amr is a second-year dental student. He is the supply representative for the class of 2026 and the Web Master for ASDA. Amr is also the treasurer for the Pros Society, Chess Club, and MDSA. He is from Egypt and moved to the United States at the age of 15 and has been living in Brooklyn, NY since then. When not finishing projects in the lab, Amr enjoys trying new coffee places, playing soccer, basketball, and video games. Amr uses his Instagram account NextGenDentist to share his journey as a dental student at UB and to connect with pre-dental students and other dental students like him. 

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* image of MaryNell.

MaryNell Cella

MaryNell is a 2022 DDS graduate. Between undergrad and dental school, she earned a master’s degree in Nutrition and worked as a dental assistant for a School-Based Oral Health Program. She is interested in pediatric dentistry and public health dentistry. MaryNell started Open Up to share the stories of those pursuing a career in dentistry. You can also follow Open Up on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Podcast.

Watch some of Marynell's Podcasts!

Click the expanding link below for a preview of some of the insightful Open Up episodes available on YouTube.

Abdullah AlQaraghuli

Abdullah AlQaraghuli is a 2021 DDS graduate. He also completed his Advanced Education in General Dentistry in 2022. Check out his Podcasts in the YouTube links below to learn more about Abdullah and his time at UB!

* Image of Abdullah.
Check out some of Abdullah's videos!

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