Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs is established to guide the organization and planning of the professional degree program, to facilitate the delivery of instruction, and to evaluate the outcomes of the program. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairsis primarily responsible for the effective management of all predoctoral academic programs of the School of Dental Medicine. This includes both didactic and clinical components and involves overseeing their design, delivery, evaluation, and modification. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs interacts with other administrative officers, program directors, etc. as necessary for the continued maintenance of a quality predoctoral program.

  • Instructional Resource Center
    As a part of Academic Services, the Instructional Resource Center (IRC) provides assistance to faculty, staff and students in developing a wide array of educational materials and media related projects. The center helps faculty integrate media for educational purposes as well as provide support for instructional design, development and delivery. Projects will be completed in the order in which they are received. A projected completion date will be given when dropping off work.
  • Textbooks
    Students accepted into our Pre-doctoral program may self-select the format for their required textbooks. Please note It remains the student's responsibility to purchase ALL required textbooks for the 4-year program.  The cost of required textbooks is not included on your tuition bill, however it is included in the Financial Aid budget for all students. Please refer to the separate pages below for textbook titles by Year.
  • Competencies
    In 2018, CODA added a new “standard” (2-6) with the effect of renumbering all of the pre-existing (2015) competencies that follow it. The result was that all competencies following 2-6 were effectively renumbered (incrementing up by one, such that 2-9 became 2-10, 2-23A became 2-24A, etc.). Further wording changes were made in 2019, 2020, and 2021. Below is the latest wording and corresponding codes from 2015 to the present (2022 version of the CODA standards).   
  • Distance Learning
    See below for links to important resources, and keep looking here for relevant updates.
  • Outprocessing
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