Reporting Adverse Incidents

The School of Dental Medicine does not tolerate harassment, discrimination or mistreatment in any form. UB SDM recommends you report unprofessional or inappropriate behavior, intolerance, violence, or illegal discrimination that you witness or experience. Your report ensures a safe and inclusive environment for everyone.

As outlined in the UB Discrimination and Harassment Policy, retaliation against anyone who reports discrimination, participates or assists in an investigation, or opposes a discriminatory act, practice, or policy is unlawful and is prohibited. Retaliation is not tolerated and may result in a referral to the university's disciplinary process. 

Learn about your options to safely report adverse incidents

Your options for reporting are specific to your status at UB.

In Case of an Emergency

If you ever feel you are being threatened or are in danger, or you witness someone else being threatened or in danger, immediately contact the University Police at (716) 645-2222.