Oral Biology


The goals of the Concentration in Oral Biology (COB) are to: 1) foster scholarly student activities through an organized, structured and supportive program; 2) expand the students abilities to think analytically and independently, and to develop their problem solving abilites; 3) encourage students who begin research early in the DDS program to bring their research projects to some degree of completion; and 4) expose students to faculty role models so as to encourage their consideration of an academic career. 


The student must:

1.  Have a grade point average of 2.5 or greater

2.  Register to complete the DDS program with "Thesis Honors".

3.  Be sponsored by an appropriate faculty mentor.

4.  Be in good clinical standing as verified by the Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs.

Program Advisor

Jill Kramer, DDS, PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Oral Biology, 211 Foster Hall



Updates on Concentrations in other SDM Departments will be available soon!