Program Overview

This program is held each year during Early Fall (May-July) and offers predoctoral students the opportunity to work with a faculty mentor on a research project. Projects may involve wet lab work, clinical data analysis, etc. Students are supported by a stipend provided by the Dean's Office. 

Program Requirements

Participation in the Summer Dental Research Program requires that students:

  1. Be in good academic standing as of June 15th
  2. Obtain necessary training and required institutional approval for research involving human subjects, animals, and/or use of radiation
  3. Commit consistent blocks of time to the project during the program period
  4. Attend the weekly research seminar (CLD 870) held during Early Fall
  5. Present at the annual SDM Student Research Day held the following spring

Steps for Participation

1. Identify and contact mentor (be persistent)

  • Tips on how to find a mentor and a list of potential mentors can be found on the Find a Faculty Mentor page

2. Submit Letter of Intent (optional)

3. Write a research proposal with your mentor

4. Submit proposal for review (success rate greater than 90%)

5. Spend 5-6 weeks over the summer conducting research

6. Present a poster at the annual SDM Student Research Day