Esthetic Dentistry

Title of Program

Esthetic Dentistry


The program leads to a micro-credential and single badge that reflects extended concentrated work in Esthetic Dentistry. The program involves enrollment in an advanced course combined with required participation in a number of supplemental specialized sessions.

Who is eligible for the Esthetic Dentistry program?

This program is open to predoctoral (DDS) students in the first semester of the D4 program year, who are interested in gaining deeper concentration in esthetic dentistry.


Admission to the program is limited to a small number of students in order to provide specialized individual experience in advanced materials and techniques. Interested persons must formally apply for admission to the program. Applicant requirements include:

  • 3.0 or better grade-point average (GPA)
  • In good clinical standing as verified by the Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs
  • Received an A or B grade in RDN 835 Cariology and Direct Restorations (both Fall and Spring)
  • References from 2-3 clinical faculty
  • Provide a letter explaining why they desire entry into the program

What skills will I obtain?

Upon successful completion of the program, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe state-of-the-art esthetic materials and techniques for their usage.
  • Specify techniques required for the formation of predictable proximal contacts.
  • Make Class III, IV and V restorations totally “invisible”.
  • Close diastemas.
  • Change the color of a single dark tooth to match existing dentition with direct composite resin veneering. through step-by-step sequencing of layers.
  • Utilize opaquers to mask unwanted color in creating invisible restorations.
  • Use tints to enhance color and translucency, and to create customized restorations.
  • Apply various principles of smile design to enhance restorations.
  • Demonstrate esthetic realignment/re-contouring of teeth.
  • Implement clinical photographic techniques.

What will I earn when I complete this program?

Upon completion of the full program you will earn a notation on your academic transcript as well as a badge that you may use on your digital resume or social media sites.

How long will it take to complete this program?

Two semesters.

Required courses: Micro-credential

RDN 864

Course Title and Description

The purpose of this course is to develop a deeper and broader understanding of contemporary restorative dental techniques, materials and treatments than is currently taught in other restorative courses.  In depth case presentations and discussion regarding preparation design and material choice for direct and indirect anterior and posterior restoration will be covered, including elective procedures such as veneers. Emphasis will be placed on non-metallic restoration of the adult dentition with an eye towards a superior esthetic and functional outcome.

Directions on how to enroll

Interested parties should complete and submit the following form.

Specific Interest(s)
Specific Interest(s)