Implant Study Club

*andreana implants.

The Implant Study Club provides access to a respected mentor, open feedback, multiple points of view and attention to our members’ changing needs.

Get More Comfortable With Implants

With the increase in implant patients, our profession has seen greater involvement of the GPs in implant treatment phases. We know you have many CE options to learn about implants, however, we have found that those involved in a continuum of education become more comfortable with treatment techniques and are more likely to recommend and provide those procedures.

A Small Group That Meets Locally

We bring quality implant education to you locally, eliminating the need for travel. Our small group makes it easier to share everyday clinical experiences and help build a valuable referral network. In addition to lectures and demos, clinical sessions and literature reviews are routinely included. Our small group allows greater involvement with lab work and hands-on training, where everyone participates.