Research Awards

AADOCR provides research awards for outstanding students.

2021 AADOCR Buffalo Section Award

Graduate Student Award

AADOCR Buffalo Section Research Award is given for an outstanding research performed by a graduate student. This award is presented during the School of Dental Medicine Student Research Day in Spring Semester. The evaluation and scoring of the research is done by dental school faculty involved in active research.

Benjamin Cross

Postdoctoral Fellow
Mentor: Dr. Stefan Ruhl

Title: Glycan-binding of Oral Streptococci Correlates with Adhesin Protein Sequence

Authors:  B. Cross, S. Thamadilok, B. Bensing, A. Sasmal, Z. Khedri, L. Deng, H. Yu, X. Chen, M. M. Vickerman, T. M. Iverson, H. Tettelin, P. M. Sullam, A. Varki, S. Ruhl