Periodontics Certificate

The Advanced Education Program in Periodontics is research-oriented and has trained clinician-scientists for careers in academia, research, teaching, or industry for more than 40 years.

FALL 2025 ENROLLMENT  |  Applications accepted May 8 - August 1, 2024

Photo of Dr. Lisa Yerke.

Program Director
Lisa Yerke, DDS MS
Department of Periodontics and Endodontics, 250 Squire Hall

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Faculty and Curriculum

Faculty at UB's School of Dental Medicine are committed to providing students an inclusive and diverse learning environment and promoting improvements to oral health, not only at our school, but worldwide. Our highly trained faculty, innovative curriculum, and clinic experience are among the top reasons our students choose our school. Program faculty include individuals from the department and faculty from across the school.  

Required Clinical Courses for all Periodontics Postgraduate Students


PER 912: Advanced Periodontics Clinic (6 credit hours per semester; 6 semesters)

PER 930: Supervised Teaching in Periodontics (1-2 credit hours per semester; 3-6 hours per week; continuous enrollment following the PGY1 year)

PER 907: Current Methods in Hospital Dental Anesthesia (4 credit hours; 4 semesters)

Required Clinical Sciences Didactic Courses for all Periodontics Postgraduate Student (Continuous Registration):

PER 603: Seminars in Periodontal Biology (2 credits; minimum of 6 semesters/ length of program)

PER 914: Postgraduate Treatment Planning (1 credit; minimum of 6 semesters/ length of program)

PER 916: Conjoint Clinical Sciences (0.5 credits; minimum of 6 semesters/ length of program)

PER 917: Critical Analysis of Literature in Periodontics (1 credit; minimum of 6 semesters/ length of program)

PER 919: Advanced Periodontal Surgery (1 credit; minimum of 6 semesters/ length of program)

PER 921: Comprehensive Periodontal Treatment Planning (2 credits; 2 semesters)

CLD 946: Implant Dentistry for Postdoctoral Students (2 credits; 2 semesters)

CLD 947: Seminars in Implant Dentistry (2 credits; 4 semesters)

CLD 950: Interdisciplinary Patient Care Seminars (0.5 credits; 6 semesters)

Required Clinical Sciences Didactic Course for all Periodontics Postgraduate Students (First Year Only):

PER 910: Advanced Periodontics Tutorial (1 credit; 2 semesters)

PER 671 RO: Applied Epidemiology for Periodontology (3 credits, 1 semester, Spring; odd years starting Spring 2025; new course number pending)

PER 671NA: Periodontal and Dental Technologies (2 credits; 1 semester, Spring; even years; new course number pending)

RDN 921: Digital Dental Technology (2 credits; 2 semesters)

ODS 915: Introduction to CBCT in Dentistry (0.5 credits; Fall semester)

Required Clinical Sciences Didactic Courses for all Periodontics Postgraduate Students (Ph.D. students or those with a Ph.D. pursuing a postdoctoral research program may enroll in alternate or substitute courses in lieu of the courses below with approval from the Program Director) (One-time Registration): 

PER 978: Seminar in Dental Pharmacology (0.5 credit)

ORB 545: Dynamics of Bone (2.0 credits)

ORB 522: Scientific Writing (1 credit; Fall semester)

ORB 500: Oral Dev, Pathobiology and Tissue Eng (2 credits; Fall semester)

ORB 510/OS 504: Saliva and the Oral Microbiome (4 credits; Spring semester)

ODS 514: Anatomy and Physiology of the Masticatory System (3.0 credits)

ODS 972: Oral Medicine Diagnosis and Management (1 credit; Fall semester)

ODS 535: Advanced Oral Pathology (2 credits; Spring semester)

OS 502:  Physiology of Pain (2 credit; Spring semester)

OS 506: Biomaterials (1 credit; Fall semester)

OS 510: Research Seminar (1 credit; Fall semester)

OS 512: Research Design (2 credits; Fall semester)

OS 518: Biostatistics/Biostatistics Laboratory (4 credits) or STA527 (preferred)

CLD 555: Head and Neck Anatomy (1 credit; Spring semester)

RDN 936: Periodontal Prosthetics (1 credit; Spring semester)

RDN 905: Restorative Dental Implants (1 credit; Fall semester)

ORT 957: Perio-Ortho (.5 credits; Spring semester)