Endodontics Certificate

Residents in the advanced certificate program receive intensive clinical training under close supervision of endodontists in the multidisciplinary postgraduate clinic, while didactic courses cover biological sciences and a wide range of clinical topics related to endodontics. Integrated into the program are valuable experiences in teaching and research. 

A completely different program - the individualized advanced education program - is occasionally offered and provides separate training as described below.

Fall 2024 Enrollment

The application cycle is now closed.



Domestic and internationally-trained dentists are eligible to apply to this certificate program.

General Admissions Requirements

The University sets general admissions requirements for graduate study.  These include letters of recommendation; a minimum undergraduate GPA; and demonstration of English Language proficiency for international applicants. Please refer to the General Admissions Requirements page for full details.

Program-specific requirements are described on this page.

About the Advanced Certificate Program

Successful completion of the advanced certificate program leads to a Certificate of Proficiency in Endodontics and fulfills the educational requirements of the American Board of Endodontics.

This advanced certificate program prepares dentists for the specialized practice of endodontics. The clinical and didactic endodontic faculty represent extensive clinical, teaching and research experience.

Advanced certificate students may combine endodontic training with study for a graduate degree such as an MS in Oral Sciences or a PhD in Oral Biology or other disciplines.

Preferred Acceptance Criteria

When reviewing candidate applications, the faculty selection committee uses a holistic admissions process.  The Periodontics admissions committee is most interested in a candidate's:

  • Previous academic performance
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement:   The personal statement should demonstrate the applicant’s ability to discuss their desire to participate in our program, and show a depth of understanding of the specialty, as well as passion for the field of dentistry.  

More Program Information

97% Success Rate

Graduates have over a 97% success rate in passing written endodontic board exams in the US and Canada.

Application Information | Advanced Certificate Program

Fall 2024 Applicants — Important Dates

Step Date(s)
Applications Accepted May 10- August 1, 2023

Two applicants are accepted each year. Successful applicants are generally from the top 10% of their class though not exclusively. The selection committee reviews all aspects of an application before making any final decisions. National Board scores, Part I and Part II or INBDE are required. 


Advanced Ed.

Advanced Education Admissions

Fax: 716-829-2731

Email: sdmpg@buffalo.edu

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