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One of the few biomaterials graduate programs in the world, this interdisciplinary masters degree program focuses on the use of synthetic and natural materials in biomedical engineering, dentistry and environmental engineering. Students also have the opportunity to participate in a unique dental ceramics training specialization.

Fall 2023 Enrollment

The application cycle is closed.

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General Admissions Requirements

The University sets general admissions requirements for graduate study.  These include letters of recommendation; a minimum undergraduate GPA; and demonstration of English Language proficiency for international applicants. Please refer to the General Admissions Requirements page for full details.

Program-specific requirements are described on this page.

About the Program

Successful completion of the program leads to a Master of Science (MS) degree.

The Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Biomaterials is an outgrowth of a masters degree program in Dental Materials, sponsored by the School of Dental Medicine since 1971. Courses and research topics have been developed to provide comprehensive knowledge of prosthetic materials, from bio/surface and molecular interactions to device design and surgical requirements.

Preparing Students for Success in Many Fields

The program emphasizes ethics and professional/client interactions as applied to the fields of medicine, dentistry, law and engineering. Supporting themes include:

  • Safe processing of biological materials and devices (e.g., sterilization)
  • Global regulatory perspectives
  • Engineering design

Applicants to this program typically include chemists, engineers, biologists, pre-medical students, clinicians and social scientists.

Graduates have the option of working in the biomedical industry, entering a professional clinical program (DDS program or MD program), or, if they are already a licensed clinician, obtaining an academic clinical position in their home country or entering a post-graduate clinical specialty program.

For graduates interested in further research training, a doctoral program in a related field of specialization would be appropriate. Our former students have specialized in mechanical engineering, biophysics, immunology, pharmaceutical sciences, and other fields at our university and other universities.

Focused on Application of Materials

This is not a clinical program. No direct access to clinical facilities or clinic patients is provided. The emphasis of the biomaterials program is on the application of materials to biomedical and dental engineering.  

About Biomaterials

Biomaterials replace, duplicate or augment the function or appearance (or otherwise intimately contact) biological substances, either temporarily or permanently, while maintaining compatible interfaces with living cells, biofluids and their constituents.

Industry/University Center for Biosurfaces (IUCB)

IUCB is a multidisciplinary center focused on the understanding, prediction and control of biological adhesion.

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