Elias J. Kaufman, DMD

Associate Professor Emeritus, Department of Pediatric and Community Dentistry

Office Address

114 Squire Hall

Buffalo, NY 14214

(716) 829-3717

E-Mail: ekaufman@buffalo.edu

Faculty Profile

Dr. Elias J. Kaufman received a DMD from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine in 1963. He did a combination Fellowship/ Residency at Harvard, doing research at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and the Massachusetts General Hospital in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery. Dr. Kaufman. received a postdoctoral certificate from Harvard and a Pediatric Dentistry Residency Specialty Training Certificate from Boston Children’s Hospital in 1966.

After completing his postdoctoral training Dr. Kaufman chose to pursue an academic career in dentistry. He joined the faculty at The University at Buffalo in 1966 as Assistant Professor in the (then) Department of Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Kaufman achieved his American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, Board Specialty Certification in 1979. He has been heavily involved in teaching the didactic and clinical Pediatric Dental courses in the Dental school. He has been the Director of the Pediatric Clinic at the school for over 30 years. Dr. Kaufman has been heavily involved in the Pediatric Minors program since its inception in 1971. 

Dr. Kaufman currently is Associate Professor primarily at the School of Dental Medicine but rotates through Pediatric and Community Dentistry department's other 
locations and participates in community outreach activities throughout 
Western New York.

Research Profile

Dr. Kaufman’s research interests have included: 

  • Bacterial collagens 
  • Longevity of restorations in primary teeth 
  • Restoration of fractured incisors
  • Dentin genesis and Amyelogenisis Imperfecta: Long term treatment 
  • Problems in early space analysis
  • Public health aspects of dental sealants
  • Child and Community Dental Health

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Representative Publications


  • Kaufman, E. (March 1973) Restoration of children's incisors using resin retained by enamel etching Journal of Dental Research, Special Edition. 
  • Kaufman E, Hausmann E. (March 1969) Collagenase activity in Bacteroides melaninogenicus. Journal of Dental Research, Special Edition. 
  • Kaufman E, Hausmann E, Mashimo, PA. (March 1968) Studies on collagenase activity in Bacteroides melaninogenicus. ournal of Dental Research Special Edition. 
  • Journal Article
    Kaufman EJ, Mashimo PA, Hausmann E, Hanks CT, Ellison SA. (March 1972) Fusobacterial infection: enhancement by cell free extracts of Bacteroides melaninogenicus possessing collagenolytic activity. Arch Oral Biol. 17(3). 577-580. 
  • Hausmann E, Kaufman E. (December 1969) Collagenase activity in a particulate fraction from Bacteroides melaninogenicus. Biochim Biophys Acta. 194(2). 612-615. 
  • Kaufman EJ, Glimcher MJ, Mechanic GL, Goldhaber P. (December 1965) Collagenolytic activity during active bone resorption in tissue culture. Proc Soc Exp Biol Med. 120(3). 632-637.

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