Emergency Care

In an emergency, you may be able to get care at UB Dental during regular clinic hours.  If you require treatment after hours, on weekends or holidays, please see below for our after-hours emergency contact information.

An emergency is when immediate care is necessary. Please note that emergency care is limited to the management of pain, swelling or trauma. Specific dental procedures such as fillings or extractions will not be performed.

During Regular Clinic Hours (9-4, Monday-Friday)

All “Active” Registered Patients

Between 8:30 a.m and 4:00 p.m, Monday thru Friday excluding holidays.

UB Dental Squire Hall Patients: emergency care is offered during regular clinic hours Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Please follow the suggested action:

(1)        If you have an assigned student dentist, please call that student directly or contact the School switchboard at 829-2824 and have your assigned student dentist paged.

(2)        If you do not have an assigned student dentist or your assigned student dentist is not available, have the dental school switchboard operator transfer your call to our emergency appointment desk or call it directly at 829-6439 and make an emergency appointment.

(3)        Please note that emergency care will be limited to the management of pain, swelling or trauma.

Non-Active or New Patients

Call (716) 829-6439 to schedule an emergency appointment.

Orthodontic Patients

Call (716) 829-2845 to schedule a time to come in and have the issue addressed.

After Hours, Weekends and Holidays

The School of Dental Medicine is not responsible for reimbursement of any charges you incur while obtaining emergency dental treatment at any facility other than the dental school.

Adult Patients

After Hours, Weekends & Holidays

If you are a current patient who needs emergency treatment after hours, on weekends or on holidays, call 866-244-9387 and identify yourself as a current patient. You will be asked by the on-call technician to provide your contact information, and any other information related to your dental emergency. You will then receive a call from the designated on-call dentist.

Please note that after-hours care is limited to the management of pain, swelling, or trauma. Specific dental procedures such as fillings or extractions are not typically performed.


CHILDREN: Parents/Guardians with children who have a dental emergency after regular clinic hours and on weekends can contact the Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo as follows:

(1)        Call 878-7000 and ask the operator to page the dental resident.

(2)        Explain that your child has a dental emergency. The dental resident will talk to you and determine what emergency treatment procedure is appropriate for your child.

(3)        Follow the dental resident’s recommendations.

Orthodontic Patients

You can also call our office at 716-360-0124. There is always someone available after hours and on weekends. The emergency pager number will be on the voicemail recording after hours.