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Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology

Fall 2018 Applications will be accepted: May 1 - November 1, 2017

Oral Pathology Certificate

The Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology program provides an opportunity to acquire specific knowledge and develop skills necessary to perform accepted standards of an Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology practice. This 36-month residency program is intended for those planning to teach or practice Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology. Emphasis is placed on microscopic and clinical diagnoses as well as the proper management of oral and maxillofacial lesions. Successful completion of this program leads to certification in Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology and eligibility to take the examination given by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology. Facilities available for the program include the School of Dental Medicine clinics and laboratories, vast research facilities in association with the Oral Biology Department, university-affiliated hospitals, hospital clinics, and laboratories.

Oral Pathology in the MS and PhD Programs

Oral Pathology/M.S. in Oral Sciences Program
The research component of the Oral Pathology/M.S. Program in Oral Sciences is administered through the office of Dr. Ernesto DeNardin (716-829-3998). This track requires a minimum of 36 months to complete, and involves research in a variety of areas at the Masters Degree level. At the present time there is no funding available for students enrolled in this program. It runs concurrently with the Advanced Education Program in Oral Pathology.

Oral Pathology /Ph.D. in Oral Biology Program

Students on this track are usually supported by a training grant funded by the National Institute for Dental Craniofacial Research. Please note that NIDCR support is available only to U.S. citizens, or to those persons with Permanent Resident status. However, support for non-citizens ineligible for NIDCR fellowships usually is available from teaching assistantships, or from individual faculty mentors with research funds. Oral Biology Ph.D.Program Directors: Drs. Chris Li and Stefan Ruhl.

Please note that applicants wishing to pursue both the Oral Pathology Certificate and the Ph.D. or M.S. research programs must apply separately for each program.

Application Requirements

To apply for the Oral Pathology Certificate program please submit all documents listed below on-line in GRADMIT. Your application will not be complete until these items have been received and you have submitted your application for formal review.

1. On-line Application - Apply Now

  • Please Note: Non-immigrants must complete the International On-line Application; check the box for "International Applicant" after selecting degree program on the Interactive Graduate Application Site (GRADMIT)
  • Please complete all questions on the application completely and accurately.

2. $50.00 non-refundable application fee paid on UBePay

  • Once you have submitted your online application for formal review, you will be able to pay the application fee by credit/debit card only. Your application cannot be reviewed until the fee has been paid. Please note that the $50 application fee is non-refundable.

3. CV / Resume

4. Two letters of recommendation and a Dean's letter (if graduated from a US or Canadian dental school), otherwise three letters of recommendation.Recommendation letters must be uploaded electronically:

  • In the recommendation section of this online application, you submit three referees with their email addresses. They will receive an email notification to electronically submit an online recommendation only after you submit your application for formal review.

5. Unofficial transcripts from EVERY college/university attended

  • If you are accepted into the program you will be asked to submit original transcripts with proper signatures, seals or stamps. Academic documents that are not in English must be accompanied by an exact, certified translation.International applicants please include copy of certificate with proof of degree.

International Applicants (in addition to the requirements listed above):

6. Unofficial TOEFL Score Report at or above minimum of 550 (written) / 213 (computer based) / 79 (internet based) or better obtained within eighteen months of the application deadline.

  • If you are accepted into the program you will be asked to submit original TOEFL score reports.

7. UB Financial Form / Financial Scholarship or Bank Documents

  • All International applicants must complete and upload to their application the UB financial form documenting all the sources of your financial support with the sponsor's signature. Official supporting documentation as outlined in the instructions must also be uploaded.
  • Official financial documents verifying scholarship support from your goverment - upload in bank documents section
  • No certificate of eligibility will be issued without satisfactory financial documentation. Financial documentation is required for visa issuance only-documentation may be submitted after acceptance but I-20 documentation cannot be issued without it.

8. Photocopy of passport biographical page

9. Photocopy of your current I-20 AND the F-1 visa stamp in your passport if you are currently an F-1 student

* All documents become property of the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine and are not returnable to the applicant.

If you have questions regarding the application process please contact:
Ms. Kristin Yager, Advanced Education Admissions Coordinator, Telephone: (716) 829-2839, E-mail


Emeritus Professors

  • Mirdza E. Neiders, D.D.S., M.S.


  • Alfredo Aguirre, D.D.S., M.S.

Clinical Associate Professor

  • Lakshmanan Suresh, B.D.S, M.S.

Assistant Professors

  • Jill Kramer, D.D.S, Ph.D.
  • Jose Luis Tapia, D.D.S., M.S.


(Prefix ODS)

835 Oral Pathology (2 credits) In two hours of lecture per week, this course covers clinico-pathological correlation of oral lesions with emphasis in the clinical presentation. Prerequisites: PA 800 General Pathology.

836 Oral Pathology (2 credits) In two hours of lecture per week, this course covers clinico-pathological correlation of oral lesions with emphasis in the clinical presentation. Prerequisites: ODS 835 Oral Pathology.

535 Advanced Oral Pathology (2 credits) This two-hour per week lecture covers clinico-pathological correlation of oral-maxillofacial lesions with emphasis in recent advances in the field. Prerequisites: ODS 835 and ODS 836.

530 Histologic Interpretation of Oral Lesions (2 credits) This two hours per week laboratory focuses on the microscopic evaluation of common oral-maxillofacial lesions. Prerequisites: ODS 835 and ODS 836.

910 Oral Pathology Biopsy Service (5-8 credits) A comprehensive study of oral-maxillofacial conditions. Students are responsible for reports and diagnosis of the surgical specimens received in an oral and maxillofacial pathology biopsy service.

911 Oral Pathology Journal Club (1 credit) Comprehensive review of literature relevant to head and neck pathology.

921 Oral Medicine Clinic (3 credits) Three hours a week clinic experience.  This clinic provides exposure to a variety of lesions of the oral and maxillofacial region, their presentation, diagnosis and management.

925 Advanced Histopathology Seminar (2 credits) This two hours per week laboratory focuses on the microscopic evaluation of common and rare oral-maxillofacial lesions. Prerequisite: ODS 835 and ODS 836 or equivalent courses.

PTH 600 General Pathology (5 credits) Fundamentals of disease processes such as inflammation, tissue injury and repair, the immune response, and neoplasia, as well as mechanisms of hemodynamic and metabolic derangement studied and illustrated by means of clinical material and case studies will be evaluated.

PTH 601 Systemic Pathology (3-5 credits) Characteristic changes produced by diseases in particular organ systems studied in relation to their clinical manifestations.

PTH 800 Clinical Pathology (1-4 credits) Three months rotation at The Buffalo General Hospital. Utilization of laboratory procedures to examine human biological samples for diagnostic purposes.

PTH 800 Anatomic Pathology (12 credits) Six months rotation at The Buffalo General Hospital. Gross and microscopic examination of surgical and necropsy specimens (participation in a minimum of 20 autopsies).

OS 504 Oral Sciences: Microbiology and Immunology (1 credit)

OS 512 Research Design in the Oral Sciences (2 credits)

OS 518 Statistical Methods in the Oral Sciences (3 credits)

ODS 653 Thesis Guidance (1-3 credits)

ODS 651 Research (1-8 credits)

CLD 555 Head and Neck Anatomy (2 credits)

OS504/ORB510: Saliva and the Oral Microbiome (4 credits)

PER 978 Postgraduate Pharmacology (0.5 credit)