UB Dental accepts Medicaid, Healthplex and Dentaquest (Medicaid only).  We can also help you submit your insurance paperwork if you have private insurance.

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A Medicaid Provider

UB Dental accepts Medicaid, and is the largest dental Medicaid provider in Western New York.

  • Patients eligible for coverage under the Medicaid and Medicaid Managed Care Programs (as administered by Healthplex and Dentaquest) should inform UB of their status at the time of admission
  • Patients obtaining coverage after admission are expected to notify the business office immediately
  • Claims cannot be processed retroactively; therefore, patients not informing the school of any changes are financially responsible for treatment performed without authorization

Possession of an insurance card issued by the Department of Social Services or a managed care insurance company does not guarantee eligibility. Your card must be presented to the business office / cashier before each treatment session to verify eligibility, and when requesting authorization for future treatment.

If you have questions regarding your eligible coverage, consult your caseworker or local Social Services Benefits office.

Private and Other Dental Insurance

Because our fees are comparatively low, most patients are able to receive insurance coverage for more treatment per calendar year before they reach their annual maximum limit.

Our facility does not accept private insurance, but we're happy to assist you in filling out the insurance form to submit to your provider for reimbursement. Please note that we'll only provide this form after you've completed all the necessary treatments and settled your account.

For those with dental insurance, we advise that you get in touch with your carrier to verify coverage and eligibility details.

Workers Compensation and No-Fault Insurance Claims

UB Dental is unable to manage workers compensation or no-fault insurance claims. If your dental needs are related to these types of claims, you are urged to seek your care with a provider other than UB Dental.