2015-16 Event Pictures

Alicia Barone 

Effects of acidic drinks on composite based dental materials

Michael Daly

Analysis of the effect of extracellular matrix proteins on B cells in Sjogren Syndrome

Peter Goodyear

Development and characterization of new mouse models to examine progenitor cell function in the oral epithelim

Janet Mark

Protein adsoprtion of saliva on self-assembled monolayer (SAM) and dendrimer (PAMAM) biomaterial surface modifications

Jonathan Sipior

The effect of mouthrinses on biofilm viability on titanium surfaces

Arthur Bigsby

Volumetric wear loss of Ti alloy opposed to zirconium and Ti alloy

Rob Davis

Strontium doped nano calcium sulfate: effects on osteoblastic cells

Sulochana Gurung

A pilot study on effects of antidepressants on implant failures

Shylon Mathew

Determining the fate of internalized Porphyromonas gingivalis within phagocytic cells

Canaan Tyner

Diminishing friction and wear in TMJ articulations

Jamieson Brady

Shear bond strength of stained/non-stained zirconia-titanium using different resin cements

Dave Dipalma

Proof of principle: bone induction by platelet-rich fibrin and bioactive glass

Viktoriya Kuchuk

Nanocalcium sulfate as an osteoconductive scaffold and a delivery vehicle for antifungal agents

Yotom Rabinowitz

Development of a quantitative assay for amylase binding streptococci