How to Start Your Research

Get started with your research pursuits at UB’s School of Dental Medicine.

If you still have questions after reviewing this page, please email one of the Dental Student Research Group’s Officers.

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On this page:

Step 1. Read the Research Guidelines

The Research Guidelines document will answer a lot of your questions, and inform you about the procedures and expectations of applying for summer research.

Step 2. Confirm with a Faculty Member and Submit Your Letter of Intent

You have decided to pursue research at the school, now it is important to identify a faculty member with similar research interests to you. You must contact the faculty member and solidify that he/she is able and willing to take you on a summer research student before you submit your letter of intent. Once you and the faculty member have agreed to a summer project then submit the Letter of Intent.

Step 3. Start Working on Your Application

Once your letter of intent is received please begin working on your application for summer research. Start this ASAP, the sooner the better. Please review the sample proposals below in order to get an idea of the expectation the comittee has for the quality of a research application.

Step 4. Submit Your Application

You must have your faculty member review your application for research before you submit it to the committee.

Funding for dental student summer research is not a guarantee, but is a privilege. Work hard on your research application and make sure it is accurate and has the quality expected of a summer research scholar. 

Apply for Thesis Honors

If you are a senior dental student researcher, the application for the thesis honors can be found here.