Video Links

Inner Space vs Outer Space

  • Just the day before the Challenger shuttle disaster, NBC News carried the TV segment about how dolphins have taught us to make the surfaces of now-successful artificial hearts and left ventricular assist devices. A longer, more complete TV segment follows – after a short pause – produced and shown by the Australian Broadcasting Company.

Ballast Water

  • Here, with Hawaiian background music, is documentation of how ballast water in international ships can spawn active films of bacteria and protozoa that spontaneously transfer to new bodies of water visited by those ships. This is the path by which aquatic nuisance species – like the zebra mussels in the Great Lakes – are spread around the globe. 

Blood Clots

  • This a movie showing the early events in formation of thrombosis (what some surgeons call white blood clots) on the best and worst of the materials we now have available to construct circuits – like heart-lung machines and artificial kidneys – that must handle fresh flowing blood. A written narration for this short movie is available as a published report. Thrombus narrative

Thrombotic Emboli

  • Here are some “blue movie” segments showing the behavior of fully anticoagulated human blood forming thrombotic emboli that shed from blood-handling device surfaces and distribute themselves around patients’ bodies. This is why you are asked to sign a document, before many surgeries, saying you understand that you may have some neurological or other motor defects afterwards.

Breaking the idling habit

  • Center partners in Erie County government, local school systems, and local industry join UB faculty and students to diminish diesel exhaust emissions from School Bus idling. Project support through IUCB was made possible by NYSTAR EQS grant for purchase of critical equipment.

Biomedical Industry Park "flyover" Video

  • Biomedical Industry Park "flyover" : January 2005 update--IUCB is renewing its efforts to convert its adjacent UB South Campus research facility to a radiation sterilization facility, as the centerpiece for the build-out of a Biomedical Industry Park on campus. A short computer-generated "flyover" of the proposed project is included in this video segment.

Wilson Greatbatch Video

  • The late Wilson Greatbatch was Western New York's famed inventor of the implantable pacemaker. Here, in a 10-minute video segment from a longer March, 2004 interview, is his "take" on continuing professional educationneeds for bioengineers, and his forecast that Buffalo's next technology leadership task will be in the field of nuclear energy.

    The radiation sterilization facility proposed for UB's South Campus might be the home for a renewal of academic programming in Nuclear Engineering, the original purpose of the research facility now under consideration for conversion.

Town Meeting of the World Video

  • With the daily news proclaiming "failures of FDA" to properly regulate the safety and effectiveness of drugs sold in the USA, it is timely to review the distressing situation regarding "failures" of medical implants and the possible need for some transnational registry of implant recipients. Here, in a 28-minute video synopsis, is the result of a 3-year {1994,5,6} Town Meeting of the World, involving medical implant stakeholders from more than 20 countries and 200 institutions--concluding that a pilot project beginning with TMJ (jaw joint) implants might be the best place to start.