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John ("Jack") M. Barrett , MBA Finance, CPA, Chairman, IUCB Industry Advisory Board and Principal of NIEQRI, Inc., Williamsville, NY, an entrepreneurial firm networking Northeast regional USA and Canadian companies into partnerships for better health care product delivery. After an early career in large-scale manufacturing company accounting, Jack served as President of Indoor Air Professionals, Inc, directing lease negotiations and construction of new corporate headquarters and worldwide distribution center in Amherst, NY, and became Chief Executive Officer of Collom International, Inc., Buffalo,NY as international licensor of patented ventilation cleaning technology from Sweden, now widely recognized as the market-leader in duct cleaning equipment and service. In his role as IUCB Board Chairman, Jack is promoting advances in the detection, collection, identification, and decontamination of indoor air contaminants, to improve public safety and health while fostering national job growth from a research-intensive technical base in Western New York State.

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