History and Meaning of the IUCB Logo


The red and black colors symbolize the “life” of biology and the “stability” of synthetic materials. The sharp diagonal indicates the goal to perfectly match living to nonliving substances across compatible interfaces. The “open” semi-circular section at one side of the interface represents both the new knowledge to be gained and the university-based search for such closure, in collaboration with industry partners, whose defined technologies are represented by the complete semi-circle. 

Fine, horizontal lines that do not quite match across the interface illustrate the challenges in developing and maintaining good bonds across biology/materials and industry/university boundaries. When added to the Center name, the red and black symbol takes on the appearance of a comet, streaking toward its goal to understand the interactions of all that is living with all that is not!

The Industry/University Center for Biosurfaces logo was designed in 1988 by Mr. Paul Dressel (Buffalo, NY). The IUCB pin was produced in 1998, the 10th anniversary of IUCB as a National Science Foundation-sponsored, peer-reviewed Industry/University Cooperative Research Center.