Industry/University Center for Biosurfaces (IUCB)

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The focus of the Center for Biosurfaces’ research program is on understanding, prediction, and control of biological adhesion. Multidisciplinary studies of the mechanistic details (including physical-chemistry, biochemistry, and biophysics) of “conditioning” film formation, biopolymer deposition, and cell and protein adhesion to synthetic materials and model tissues are in progress.

 A 'graduated' Industry/University Cooperative Research Center of the National Science Foundation

IUCB Vision

  • To understand, predict, and beneficially control the interactions of all that is alive with all that is not.
  • Through such understanding, to predict how living cells and biological matter will attach to other materials.
  • To safely, effectively, and economically control the speed and strength of biological surface interactions for the benefit of personal, public, and environmental health.

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