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Immunology and Innate Defenses

SHUYING (SHERI) YANG, MD, PhD personal profile

Mechanism of bone loss caused by inflammatory and autoimmune diseases and the development of innovative therapeutics to cure or alleviate bone loss in those diseases, as well as osteoporosis

Osteoclasts mediate bone loss in various inflammatory and autoimmune diseases such as periodontal diseases, rheumatoid arthritis as well as osteoporosis. We have found that Regulator of G signaling protein 10 (RGS10) plays important role in regulating osteoclast mediated bone loss. We were surprised to find that RGS10 is highly expressed in B-lymphocyte. One of our projects is to investigate the role and mechanism of RGS10 in regulation of B lymphocyte differentiation and proliferation and other cytokines, and determine the correlation with bone remodeling. We are also interested in characterizing the role of RGS12 in regulation of immune cells and bone loss caused by inflammatory disease such as periodontal diseases and arthritis by generating RGS12 inducible knockout mice models. Most recently, we have begun a study on acceleration inflammatory resolution and periodontal bone regeneration by using lipid mediators, genetically modified Mesenchymal stem cell and 3D scaffold.


Another area of Dr. Yang's research is available at Bone and Connective Tissues/Tissue Engineering