Faculty Profile

UB Profile is the database that populates the faculty profiles in the websites of the School of Dental Medicine and Jacobs School of Medicine. UB Profile can also create CVs for promotion and tenure requirements. Annual reports are completed based off of the data provided in UB Profile.

Entering your information into the UB Profile database automatically builds your online faculty profile, and gives you a powerful tool to create custom CVs. You have to enter your information only once to gain access to all of UB Profile's benefits.

Core Components

Complete these fields to create an UB Profile that will provide visitors with the information they want:

  • title
  • terminal degree (in the suffix field of the biographical section)
  • education
  • publications
  • grants
  • research focus area/specialty
  • presentations and professional membership
  • the  “biographical sketch,” a 300-word professional summary
Ensure Your Faculty Profile Is Current

Review your data in UB Profile regularly to make sure your contact information, awards, grants and other data stay current.

Why Your Faculty Profile Matters


Faculty profiles draw prospective students, residents, fellows, postdoctoral fellows and faculty to our school. They communicate our strengths to individuals, encouraging them to join our educational and research community. Clinicians: your profile also assures potential patients that they can trust you with their health concerns.


Members of the media consult our faculty profiles when seeking subject experts, and will refer to yours for background information if they want to interview you. Your profile also supports the stories we publish to the world as an authoritative source.

Your Primary Web Presence

In addition to publicizing your publications, awards, grants and specialties on the School of Dental Medicine website, your UB Profile forms the core of your presence on the UBSDM website.

Need Help Logging Into UB Profile?


Janet Mcelhinney at 829-6409 or jsg23@buffalo.edu
Dr. Pamela Jones at 829-6417 or pcjones@buffalo.edu

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