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Notebook Computer Requirement - IDP Students

As a student at the School of Dental Medicine, you are required to own a notebook computer to serve your computing needs both in and out of the classroom.   Students may meet the School's computer requirement by purchasing a new computer through our custom online Apple store OR by providing their own computer that meets our specifications.  You MUST have a computer that runs OS X or Windows;  iPads, Android tablets, Chromebooks and other devices won't run all the software that you'll need to use here.  

Student Computer Specifications (minimum)


New Computer

Existing Computer




Hard Drive

500GB (250GB SSD)



Intel Core i5 or i7

Intel Core i3


13 inch or larger (1080p recommended)

13 inch or larger


802.11g/n wireless

802.11g/n wireless


OS X 10.13, Windows 10

OS X 10.11 or higher, Windows 8 or 10

Privacy Screen Required Required
Extended Warranty Strongly recommended  

All students are eligible to borrow a "loaner" computer for a limited time if their own computer is out for repair.

Questions about the Notebook Requirement?

Please contact:

Dr. Daniel Emmer 

Office of Academic Affairs