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Supply Purchases - Due May 10, 2021

IDP Supply Purchase Instructions

  •  All IDP students are required to purchase dental supplies and electric handpieces, as indicated on the Estimated Expenses for the program.  
  • The supply purchase includes supplies that you will use in preclinical dentistry courses. 
  • You will receive your summer course supplies  and electric handpiece during the first week of IDP orientation (June 15, 2020).
  • Students are encouraged to pre-pay as this will significantly expedite the distribution of their kits. 

Supply Payment Instructions

Kavo Kerr Handpieces

  • Kavo Kerr will send you a handpiece purchase invoice directly.
  • Please see sample handpiece invoice below.
  • Handpiece payment is due May 10,2021.
  • Please contact Christine Hart (christine.hart@envistaco.com) for billing informaton.

Henry Schein Supplies

  • The kits are not shipping until early May so there are no invoices at this time.  
  • Students will be provided with instructions on how to create their online profile. Profiles must be completed by May 10th.
  • Please contact Ms. Derri Donahue (derri.donahue@henryschein.com) with any questions.
Henry Schein Profile Set Up & Payment Instructions
Questions about paying for supply purchase order?

Please contact Matt Blum

Director of Student Services


Questions about supply order composition?

Please contact:

Dr. Joseph Deluca

Supply Chair