Getting Started With UB Computing

Computing - Before You Arrive at UB

1. Activate Your UBITName

Activate your unique account that you'll use to get connected to life at UB.

2. Access UB Online Services

Check out UB’s online resources and learn your way around UB before you even arrive.

3. Check Your UBmail

UBmail allows you to keep in touch with professors, classmates, friends and family.

4. Get Free Software

Don’t buy it twice! Take advantage of UB-provided software

5. Bring Technology to Campus

Find out what devices and accessories we recommend for life at UB.

6. Protect Yourself

UB has your back. Stay out of trouble using our tips and standards.

7. Get Ready for Wi-Fi

Stay connected securely at UB. Use the UB Secure WiFiSetup wizard anywhere and connect to UB Secure Wi-Fi the minute you arrive on campus.