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2021 IDP To Do Checklist

The "TO DO" section of the Orientation website will provide you with information regarding requirements that all incoming International Dentist Program students must complete in preparation for the start of the program.
  • The chart below will list out the items you must complete in preparation for the IDP program.  As information becomes available on how to complete each requirement, the "Instructions Posted On" column will be filled in, and the item name will contain a link to detailed information.  Please check this section frequently for updates, and complete each requirement by the Due Date specified.
  • E-mail messages will be sent out to  whenever new "To Do" items are added to the website.
  • You are always welcome to contact our office with any questions.

IDP To Do Item



Health Background Form

As Soon As Possible


Submit a Photo for your UB Card

April 15
IDP Supply Payment Instructions May 10
Mandatory Online Training Programs May 10
Notebook Computer Purchase Prior to arrival  
Loupes Purchase Prior to arrival  
Get Familiar with UB Computing At your convenience  
UB Software Downloads At your convenience  
When you arrive on Campus - UB Computing At your convenience  
Technology Skills Expectations At Your convenience  
Questions About IDP To - Do Checklist

Please contact Luke Ramey, Assistant Director of Student and Community Initiatives