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Health Insurance

  • The University at Buffalo requires all full-time students to have health insurance coverage.  All new students (full-time and international) will automatically be charged for the University plan on the first tuition bill for the semester.
  • If you already have comparable health insurance coverage and do not wish to subscribe to the University's plan, you must complete the on-line waiver process at: healthinsurance.buffalo.edu.  (A waiver would also negate the grace period coverage.) 
  • This must be done prior to or soon after your arrival at UB in order for you to be refunded the fee for University Student Medical Insurance.  
  • You may waive until the due date of your first tuition bill with no penalty.  There is a $50 penalty to waive after the first due date which doubles each month.  
  • The final waiver deadline will be posted on the Student Medical Insurance website.
  • In mid-July, the waiver process will be available on-line along with dependent enrollment information and application (to add dependents, i.e. spouse or children).  
  • Frequently asked questions about the SMI plan, including the plan benefits, will also be available at the SMI Office and in PDF format on-line.  
  • Please visit the Student Medical Insurance website for the updated information in July.

Student Medical Insurance Office
223 Student Union
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14260-2100

Phone:  (716) 645-3036   Fax:  (716) 645-3465

Website:  healthinsurance.buffalo.edu