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DDS To Do List - 3rd Year DDS

  • The "TO DO" section of the Orientation website will provide you with information regarding requirements that all 3rd Year DDS students must complete by the beginning of the main Fall term in August.
  • The chart below will list out the items you must complete. As information becomes available on how to complete each requirement, the item name will contain a link to detailed information. Please complete each requirement by the Due Date specified.

3rd Year DDS To Do Item


Due Date

Annual Immunization Review Form
     (see Health Related Professions Students section)

     NOTE:  If you completed the AIR rotation during
     Early Fall, you have already completed this item

August 2

Mandatory Online Training Programs

Please complete Compliance, Infection Control, and HIPAA

August 2
Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers
Must be compliant
Make Payment, Download and Register Softest Software
August 2
Henry Schein Supply Form (invoice information will be provided) August 2

Henry Schein Invoice/Payment

Fall 2021 Henry Schein D3 Invoice & Payment Information forthcoming

Henry Schein Invoice & Payment Questions

Please contact Derri Donahue (