1st Year Supplies & Order Forms

DUE August 6

  • All 1st Year DDS students are required to purchase dental supplies, as indicated on the Estimated Expenses for the program. 
  • The supply purchase includes supplies that you will use in per-clinical dentistry courses. For 2018, these are purchased directly from the supplier Henry Schein Inc. & Kavo Kerr using the order form (will be make available soon).
  • Supply payments will be made directly to Henry Schein, Inc. & Kavo Kerr. We will provide account set up information.
  • You will receive your Summer course supplies during the first week of DDS orientation (August 6-10, 2018).
  • Students are encouraged to pre-pay as this will significantly expedite the distribution of the kits. Instuctions will be sent when available.  

Henry Schein Supplies

Supply Invoice & Payment Questions?

Please contact Derri Donahue (derri.donahue@henryschein.com)

Kavo Kerr Handpieces

Kavo Kerr Handpiece Invoice & Payment Questions?

Please contact Christine Hart (christine.hart@kavokerr.com)

Questions about the supply purchase order?

Please contact Dr. Joseph Deluca

Student Supply Committee Chair


Questions about paying for supply purchase order?

Please contact Matt Blum

Director of Student and Community Initiatives