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Mandatory Online Training Programs

Due August 1, 2018

Students of the UB School of Dental Medicine are responsible for maintaining high ethical standards. They have a responsibility to understand, respect, and follow federal, state, and local laws as well as all university policies and procedures applicable to their jobs. Compliance is central to how we do our work.

The following training modules are mandated by the SDM must be completed no later than August 1, 2018.  Clinical privileges may be withheld until mandatory training is completed:

  • Module 1: HIPAA
  • Module 2: Compliance
  • Module 3: Infection Control

Links to all Training Modules can be found on UBLearns by selecting from the Courses tab: SDM MANDATORY TRAINING

** You will need your UBIT name and password to access the site **

**You will receive your UBIT name and password on or around June 15, 2018**

If you're unable to access your UBIT name and/or password,

Please contact the UB IT Help Center


Please contact: Sarah Augustynek

School of Dental Medicine Compliance Officer