Pre-Health Advisor Resources

Our admissions office assists academic advisors who work with undergraduate students considering dentisty as a career path. Please find additonal dental information and resources below.

Learn More About Dentistry

Llearn more about the dental profession by visitng the American Dental Education Association.

YouTube Channel For Pre-Dentals!

Check out our student run YouTube Channel Dental Impressions to see the different paths our students took and their journey applying and choosing a dental school. 

Our Programs Include

There are several ways undergraduate students can be admitted to our DDS Program. Whther they are entering college, completing their first two years of undergraduate course, or towards the end of completing their degree, seveal options exist.

Early Assurance Program:

Why Choose UB

Please consider our “5 C’s” — Cost, Community, Clinics, Curriculum and Culture which help represent our fundamentals at the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine.

Webinar Series

Please reference the UB Dental Webinar Series to Pre-Dental students. This webinar series is to help and guide students through the application process when applying to dental school. 

Additional Advisor Resources

We would be happy to send admissions and career information at your request. Please e-mail Matt Blum, our Director of Student and Community Initiatives, to request materials or if you have further questions.

Would You Like a Presentation at Your School?

If you would like to set up a presentation with your pre-dental students please fill out this form to get started.