Meet Our Students

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Class Instagrams

Each dental class has a student run Instagram account featuring student highlights, upcoming events, milestones, and more! It is a great way for current students to connect with one another, and gives prospective students a glimpse into life here at UB. Check them out below.

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Abdullah AlQaraghuli

Abdullah AlQaraghuli is a 2021 DDS graduate. He also completed his Advanced Education in General Dentistry in 2022. Follow Abdullah's Dental Impressions Instagram page to see the daily life of a dental student. 

Check out some of Abdullah's videos!

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MaryNell Cella

MaryNell is a 2022 DDS graduate. Between undergrad and dental school, she earned a master’s degree in Nutrition and worked as a dental assistant for a School-Based Oral Health Program. She is interested in pediatric dentistry and public health dentistry. MaryNell started Open Up to share the stories of those pursuing a career in dentistry. You can also follow Open Up on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Podcast.

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Watch some of Marynell's Podcasts!

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Madeline Harvey

Madeline is one of the Historians for the Class of 2023. She is a photography and videography fanatic and doesn't go anywhere without a camera by her side. When she's not behind the lens, she loves lifting weights, drawing, and hanging out with friends and family. Feel free to follow her Facebook page, Cheesin’ with the UBSDM Class of 2023, to get a glimpse into student life!

Explore Madeline's YouTube page!

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Tina Fidel

Tina is a second-year dental student. She is the president of the social media and marketing club at UB as well as the co-historian social media chair of ASDA. Tina also runs an instagram account, @smilesofwisdom,  for her journey from a pre-dental to a current dental student at UB Dental!

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Check out Tina's Instagram Page!

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Jacinta Tracey

Jacinta is a second-year dental student. She is the ASDA President-Elect at UB and outreach coordinator for the esthetics club. When not practicing in the lab, Jacinta enjoys trying local restaurants, attending workout classes, and cheering on the Buffalo Bills with friends. She uses her Instagram account @jacintasmiles to show the daily life of a busy dental student and loves to chat with pre-dental students. She also was included as a guest on the Dental Download podcast last year where she talked about her gap year and transition into dental school at UB.

Check out Jacinta's Instagram Page and Podcast Guest Spot!

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Connect With Us

Stay connected with us through things like social media and online photo galleries.

ASDA Pre-Dental Instagram Page

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The Chronicles of UBSDM

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