Studies of Host Bacterial Interactions in Periodontal Disease

ROBERT J. GENCO, DDS, PhD personal profile

Specifically, our laboratories and clinics are looking at virulence factors of P. gingivalis, concentrating on molecular genetic studies of fimbriae and fimbrial-mediated interactions and more recently on toll-like receptors as they are stimulated by bacterial products. On the host side, we are assessing risk factors for periodontal disease among behavioral, environmental, and genetic factors. These include the effect of diabetes mellitus on periodontal disease, and the treatment of periodontal disease in diabetics. 

Most recently, we have begun a series of studies on the effects of periodontal disease on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. We have a study underway in which we are assessing the effects of anti-infective therapy on mediators associated with infection and cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Genco’s Additional Research