Washington Post: Researcher quoted on effectiveness of angioplasty, stents

Release Date: March 27, 2007

An article that also appears on the front page of The Washington Post reports on research that shows that many angioplasty patients who receive stents would do as well being treated just with drugs, and was picked up by newspapers that include the Seattle Times, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Los Angeles Daily News, Philadelphia Inquirer and St. Petersburg Times. "The data are compelling," said William Boden, professor of medicine and public health and lead author on the study, said. "We do too many of these procedures....There was just this intuitive belief that it would be beneficial. But no one had ever done a proper randomized trial to see whether it actually improved outcomes. In the meantime, a whole industry has been created around this." Other newspapers and news services also carried stories, many of them on front page, on the research, including Health Day News, Baltimore Sun, Los Angeles Times and United Press International.

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