Twenty UB Patents Awarded in 2010

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BUFFALO, N.Y. -- In 2010, 20 patents were awarded to University at Buffalo faculty covering a broad range of research, including calcium sulfate nanoparticles for bone regeneration; fast, efficient ways to produce novel pharmaceutical compounds; molecules that boost the potency of vaccines, novel anti-fouling coatings for ships and other marine vessels and a method of detecting bacterial-induced rhinosinusitis.

The patents are as follows:

7,659,080 Detecting a Bacterial Process in Chronic Rhinosinusitis

UB Inventors: Jens Ponikau and David Sherris, both of Deaprtment of Otolaryngology

7,662,405 Compositions and Methods of Preparation of Liposomal Microparticulate IL-12

UB Inventors: Sathy V. Balu-Iyer, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Richard B. Bankert, Microbiology and Immunology

Collaborator: Vivek Purohit, formerly of Pharmaceutical Sciences

7,662,750 Protein-Protein Interaction Antagonist Screening Libraries Based Upon 1,4-Disubstituted Naphthalenes and Related Scaffolds

UB Inventor: David G. Hangauer, Chemistry

Collaborators: Tao Ji, formerly of Chemistry, and Madison Lee and Steven G. Pruitt, both of Roswell Park Cancer Institute

7,662,928 Anti-FcRn Antibodies for Treatment of Auto/Allo Immune Conditions

UB Inventor: Joseph P. Balthasar, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Collaborators: Ryan J. Hansen and Feng Jin, both formerly of Pharmaceutical Sciences

7,684,112 Backward Stimulated Rayleigh-Bragg Scattering Devices Based on Multi-Photon Absorbing Materials and Their Applications

UB Inventors: Paras N. Prasad and Guang S. He, both of Chemistry

7,701,848 Efficient Trap Avoidance and Shared Protection Method in Survivable Networks with Shared Risk Link Groups and a Survivable Network

UB Inventor: Chunming Qiao, Computer Science and Engineering

Collaborators: Dahai Xu and Yizhi Xiong, both formerly of Computer Science and Engineering

7,718,094 Preparation of Metallic Nanoparticles

UB Inventor: Paschalis Alexandridis, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Collaborator: Toshio Sakai, formerly of Chemical and Biological Engineering

7,750,294 Photonic Sensors, Xerogel-based Sensors and Nanosensors

UB Inventor: Frank V. Bright, Chemistry

Collaborators: William Holthoff and Elizabeth Cornell, both formerly of Chemistry

7,767,226 Calcium Sulfate Based Nanoparticles

UB Inventors: Rosemary Dziak and Robert J. Genco, both of Oral Biology; Mark Swihart, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Collaborators: YoungBum Park, formerly of Oral Biology, and Hiran Perinpanayagam, formerly of Periodontics and Endodontics

7,776,338 Adjuvant Activities of Mutants of LT-IIa and LT-IIb Enterotoxin Lacking Binding to Ganglioside

UB Inventors: Terry D. Connell and Michael W. Russell, both of Microbiology and Immunology

Collaborators: Hesham Nawar and Sergio Arce, both formerly of Microbiology and Immunology

7,794,584 pH-Change Sensor and Method

UB Inventors: Alexander N. Cartwright and Albert H. Titus, both of Electrical Engineering; Frank V. Bright, Chemistry

Collaborators: Vamsy P. Chodavarapu, formerly of Electrical Engineering, and Rachel M. Bukowski, formerly of Chemistry

7,794,795 Hybrid Anti-Fouling Coating Compositions and Methods for Preventing the Fouling of Surfaces Subjected to a Marine Environment

UB Inventors: Michael R. Detty and Frank V. Bright, both of Chemistry

Collaborators: Michael D. Drake and Ying Tang, both formerly of Chemistry

7,803,594 Type III T.Brucei Arginine Methyltransferase

UB Inventor: Laurie K. Read, Microbiology and Immunology

Collaborator: John Fisk, Microbiology and Immunology

7,808,921 Bridging Centrality: A Concept and Formula to Identify Bridging Nodes in Scale-Free Networks

UB Inventors: Aidong Zhang, Computer Science and Engineering; Murali Ramanathan, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Collaborators: Young-Rae Cho and Woo-Chang Hwang, both formerly of Computer Science and Engineering

7,811,589 Method for Stimulating Immune Response against Moraxella Catarrhalis

UB Inventors: Timothy F. Murphy and Alan J. Lesse, both of Medicine

Collaborator: Charmaine Kirkham, Medicine

7,807,422 Production of Flavonoids by Recombinant Microorganisms

UB Inventor: Mattheos Koffas, formerly of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Collaborators: Joseph Chemler, Effendi Leonard, and Yajun Yan, all formerly of Chemical and Biological Engineering

7,700,798 Ergorgiaene Congeners and Methods and Intermediates Useful in the Preparation of Same

UB Inventors: Huw M.L. Davies and Abbas M. Walji, both formerly of Chemistry

7,816,536 4-Substituted and 7-Substituted Indoles, Benzofurans, Benzothiophenes, Benzimidazoles, Benzoxazoles, and Benzothiazoles and Methods for Making Same

UB Inventors: Huw M.L. Davies and James Manning, both formerly of Chemistry

7,851,487 Use of Tetrahydropyridines with Central Nervous System Activity

UB Inventor: Huw M.L. Davies, formerly of Chemistry

Collaborator A.K. Ratty, a non-UB inventor

7,851,488 Tetrahydropyridines with Central Nervous System Activity

UB Inventor: Huw M.L. Davies, formerly of Chemistry

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